See how we brew in the Beskids!


Visit Us In Wieprz!

Come and see how we brew PINTA! 🙂

We’re thrilled to invite you to Wieprz to tour the PINTA Brewery and PINTA Barrel Brewing.

Are you a beer enthusiast, interested in the technical side of brewing? Or are you just looking for an unusual stop on your tour of the Beskids? Whatever the reason, a visit to! our brewery is a great idea!🙂

Whether you want to bestow a creative gift on a loved one or drop in with some friends to see how craft beer is brewed in Poland’s largest craft brewery, book your visit now.

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Groups of 10+ people (Mon-Thurs)
Individual visit (Fri-Sat)

Price per person: from 15 PLN

What’s Included  In The Tour?

A #PINTAcrew guide
A 60-minute tour of PINTA Brewery and PINTA Barrel Brewing
One beer from the PINTA Beskid or non-alcoholic Mini Maxi ranges.
Commemorative ticket from  your visit to the Brewery.

Why Visit Us?

  • You’ll learn how craft beer is made in a modern craft brewery.
  • You’ll get a sneak peek at PINTA beers in our tanks, waiting to be bottled.
  • You’ll taste beers from the local PINTA Beskid range, right from the source.
  • You’ll see how PINTA beer is aged in wooden casks.
  • You’ll learn the secrets behind the natural fermentation of PINTA Barrel Brewing beers.
  • You’ll take home unique PINTA souvenirs, only available from the Brewery.

How a tour
in practice.

PINTA Brewery Tour Itinerary:


We’ll get to know one another, hand out your commemorative tickets, and move on with the tour. We’ll start with the PINTA Brewery.


We’ll stop for a short chat about the history of PINTA and craft brewingw  in Poland.


The beginning of our journey into the heart of the brewery. You’ll discover how beer wort is produced, and we’ll talk about the ingredients of beer and how they’re used.


The next stage of the production process sees the wort turned into beer, in the fermentation and lagering tanks. This is also where it gets its final colour, taste, and aroma.


The final stage, this is where you’ll get to see our beers packaged into bottles, cans, and kegs.


The end of the tour. We’ll present you with your chosen beer from the PINTA Beskid or non-alcoholic Mini Maxi ranges. You’ll also have the opportunity to buy beer and souvenirs.

PINTA Barrel Brewing Tour Itinerary


To kick off the tour we’ll tell you the story of the creation of PINTA Barrel Brewing, from crowdfunding to a working brewery. We’ll also introduce the scope of PBB and the idea of ageing beer in wooden barrels.


We’ll take you to our social corner, where the PINTA Barrel Brewing team brews their morning coffees and relaxes during breaks from work.


Moving into the production zone, you’ll see just where each PBB beer begins its long journey.


The most impressive and most representative section of the PBB brewery. You’ll smell the aromas of wood in the air, count the barrels of beer that have been waiting years for bottling and listen to what’s hidden within.


Finally, we’ll show you where PBB’s beer creations are bottled, and take a moment to explain how it’s done.


Once you’ve toured both breweries, we’ll take you back to the shop once more. Roksana will be waiting to help you pick out beers and souvenirs to take home!

See You In The Beskids!

The PINTA Brewery is located in the picturesque Żywiec Beskids.
You’ll be able to admire Skrzyczne from our windows! 🏔 

Terms & Conditions


  • While on a tour of the brewery you will be accompanied by a guide.
  • The tour covers three parts of the brewery: the brewhouse, fermentation, and bottling.
  • The tour is open to adults.
  • Minors may enter the brewery premises only when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • While inside the brewery, you must not: touch any production equipment, accessories, or packaging; consume your own food or drinks;
    smoke (including cigarettes, cigars, or electronic cigarettes and vaping devices); separate from the tour guide.
  • Intoxicated people will not be allowed inside the brewery.
  • Taking photographs and films is permitted during the tour, unless the guide decides otherwise and communicates this with the tour participants.
  • Included in the price of the tour is one beer from either the PINTA Beskid range (500ml) or non-alcoholic PINTA Mini Maxi range (500ml), to be redeemed in the Brewery Shop or Tap Room after the tour.

Contact Us!

Do you have any questions, or want to organise a customised experience? 

Drop us a line — we’re flexible, and sure we can work something out! 🙂

Or call us on:+48 570 503 403

Opening Hours

Mon-Thurs: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
During the week we only accept organised tour groups of 10 or more people.
Fri-Sat: 10:30 am or 12:30 pm
On Fridays and Saturdays there are two time slots for individual and group tours.

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