As private individuals (Grzesiek Zwierzyna and Ziemek Fałat) we brew 5 hl of A’la Grodziskie beer, which commercial and artistic success triggered the idea of regular brewing beer for sale, in order to fill a great niche in the Polish market.


Breakfast in Cieszyn, during which in the company of Grzesiek, Marek and Ziemek appears the proposal for the name of our future brewery. Grzesiek says: PINT, later we change it to PINTA. 


As a PINTA Brewery we brewed the first barrel of Atak Chmielu, which is the first commercial beer in American IPA style.


The premiere of Atak Chmielu, A’la Grodziskie and Czarna Dziura – Festival of Good Beer in Wroclaw.


The first year of PINTA is 10 different beers, which we brewed a total amount of 480 gl. Our greatest bestseller is Atak Chmielu. From the first series we have been brewing until now Pierwsza Pomoc, A’la Grodziskie and Jak w Dym beers and occasionally Czarna Dziura and Odsiecz Wiedeńska beers. 


The first PINTA rebranding. Our new labels served us over 9 years.


The premiere of Koniec Swiata – beer in Sahti style, which in several places in Poland is served with a ladle from a galvanised bucket. At the same time we go to the first PINTA “tap takeover” abroad – to Finnish tampere and at the opportunity we visit the cradle of Sahti style, Lamin Sahti town.


Imperator Baltycki appears in stores – at this time it is the strongest Polish craft beer and its premiere passes under the sign of controvertions, connected with hopping Baltic Porter with American types of hop. As a result the sale is done on reservation or under the shelf.


During the whole year we have brewed 21 different beers, including premiere Oto Mata IPA and Imperator Baltycki. This year we had also started the first in the history of Polish craft cooperation – together with AleBrowar and Piwoteka we brewed B-Day.


Together with O’Haras Carlow Brewing we brew beer with Polish hop in Ireland – this is the first national cooperation of a Polish brewery and the beginning of the Lublin to Dublin series.


We hire the first employee in PINTA in the position of “Ziemek’s helper”. Pawel Maslowski stays with us for the next 7 years and eventually gets the promotion to Executive Director of PINTA Brewery in Wieprz.


For the second time we went to Japan and while sitting on the bench in the park in Kioto, together with Agnieszka Zwierzyna and Agatka Falat we made the decision about building our own brewery.


We signed an investment agreement and we sold 50% of shareholdings and PINTA to our friends Cedrik Gendaj and Tomek Grendysz. The plan of building the brewery becomes a reality.


We organise the first PINTA Party and we announce the building of our own brewery.


We buy a plot of land for building a brewery in Wieprz near Zywiec.


We start the adventure with aging beer in wooden barrels. The first one was Imperator Baltycki packed into 20 freshly emptied barrels after Sherry Oloroso.


We start the PINTA Hop Tour and we visit hop plantations in Argentina. Over the next few years we will visit  RSA, Tasmania, and North Korea.


Grand opening of PINTA Wroclaw – the first branded pub as part of our franchise chain.


The premiere of the first PINTA can – Hazy Disco – at this time it is the most hopped beer at PINTA.


During the Tour de Geuze we announce the plan of building PINTA Barrel Brewing and fundraising within crowdfunding.


We brew the first beer in the newly opened brewery in Wieprz and at the same time the first non-alcoholic beer of Atak Chmielu.


We bottle the first batch of Atak Chmielu in our new brewery in Wieprz.


PINTA is classified as the best brewery in Poland, one of the 10 best breweries in Europe and one of the 100 best breweries in the world according to Ratebeer.com.


To commemorate the 10th anniversary of brewing Atak Chmielu we visit Galapagos Islands and reach Isla Pinta.


The second PINTA rebranding – we present a new logo and labels.


We organise the jubilee PINTA Party in the brewery in Wieprz.

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