PINTA Discovery Poland: Kraków


PINTA Discovery Poland: Kraków

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PINTA Discovery Poland: Kraków
Hazy IPA
Ekstrakt: 16,5°Blg
Alkohol: 6,5% obj.


PINTA Discovery Poland: Kraków

Hazy IPA

”The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” – they say. So it’s time to explore our beautiful places and hidden beer gems! Peel the label off and let the adventure begin! This aromatic and cloudy Hazy IPA will be your guide!

ABV: 6,5%

BLG: 16,5°Plato

Recommended temperature of serving: 8-10°C
Recommended glass: shaker PINTA

Ilość w kartonie: 12

Ilość na warstwie: 168

Ilość na palecie: 1176

EAN: 5904165105370

EAN kartonu zbiorczego:

Waga pełnej butelki/puszki: 0,53 kg

Waga pełnego kartonu: 6,36 kg

Waga pełnej warstwy: 89 kg

Waga całej palety: 623 kg

Wymiary butelki/puszki: 16,8/6,6/6,6 cm

Wymiary kartonu: 18/27 /20 cm

Wymiary warstwy: 120/80/26 cm

Wymiary palety z podaną wysokością łącznie z nośnikiem: 145/80/120 

Okres przydatności do spożycia:

Kod CN butelki/puszki: 22030009

Kod CN kartonu: 

Kod CN warstwy: 

Kod CN palety: 

Rodzaj palety transportowej: EPN

Tag dostępności: 

Link do renderu kartonu: test


woda; słody: jęczmienne: pilzneński, Carapils®, słód pszeniczny; słód owsiany; płatki owsiane; maltodekstryna; chmiele: do kotła: Columbus, na whirlpool: Strata®, Idaho 7® Cryo Hops®; na zimno do tanku: Nelson Sauvin™, Sabro®, Sabro® Cryo Hops®; drożdże: Verdant IPA / Contains the allergen: malted barley, malted wheat, malted oats, flaked oats


This beer was brewed in PINTA Brewery in Wieprz.

Production process

Beer is pasteurized and unfiltered.

Latest batch


Available packaging

Available in 500 ml bottles / kegs / petainer.

Recommended places

– Craftownia
Involved in the beer revolution from the very start, Craftownia have turned their passion for beer into a way of life. They offer fascinating premieres, out-there collaborations, wild ideas, and above all, guests who have now been accompanying Alan, Konrad and Paweł for over seven years.

– House of Beer
One of the oldest Polish multitaps, House of Beer has been operating continuously in Kraków since 2010. This is where the love of craft beer meets the taste of American cuisine.

– Nalej Se
Experience what it’s like to pour one for yourself while sampling the rich, bold cuisine on offer. Also be sure to visit one of the many beer, music, cultural, and sporting events organised by Nalej Se in the industrial space of a former Krakow slaughterhouse.

– Nowy Kraftowy
A Kraków multitap in the heart of Kazimierz. As well as beer from 25 different taps, you can also enjoy good food, and the whole package is framed by a cosy decor and atmospheric garden.

– Strefa Piwa
Strefa Piwa is one of the very first specialist shops in Kraków and one where you’ll always find the best beers alongside expert service. It offers a huge selection from Poland and the rest of the world – sure to satisfy the tastes of every beer lover.

– Świat Kraftu Shop & Multitap
Swiat Kraftu is a hybrid of a specialist shop and a multitap. With a huge selection of beers and 14 different taps, there is something for every craft beer lover. Do you want to meet up with friends, watch the game, or do some shopping to take home? You’ll find all that here – and it’s one of the only PINTA Barrel Houses in Kraków!

– Viva la PINTA
Stop by for a cold PINTA – straight from the tap – and a delicious burger. Escape the noise of the busy city in our garden, and take a sip of your favourite PINTA under a beautiful chestnut tree.

– Weźże Krafta
An icon in Kraków’s craft scene, you’ll find 25 taps alongside plenty of cans and bottles from Polish and foreign breweries, and a delicious Neapolitan pizza. With an atmospheric, two-story interior and a large garden within the heart of Kazimierz, you simply must visit Weźże!

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