PINTA Discovery Poland: Warszawa


PINTA Discovery Poland: Warszawa

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PINTA Discovery Poland: Warszawa
Hazy IPA
Ekstrakt: 16,5°Blg
Alkohol: 6,5% obj.


PINTA Discovery Poland: Warszawa

Hazy IPA

”The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” – they say. So it’s time to explore our beautiful places and hidden beer gems! Peel the label off and let the adventure begin! This aromatic and cloudy Hazy IPA will be your guide!

ABV: 6,5%

BLG: 16,5°Plato

Recommended temperature of serving: 8-10°C
Recommended glass: shaker PINTA

Ilość w kartonie: 12

Ilość na warstwie: 168

Ilość na palecie: 1176

EAN: 5904165105356

EAN kartonu zbiorczego:

Waga pełnej butelki/puszki: 0,53 kg

Waga pełnego kartonu: 6,36 kg

Waga pełnej warstwy: 89 kg

Waga całej palety: 623 kg

Wymiary butelki/puszki: 16,8/6,6/6,6 cm

Wymiary kartonu: 18/27 /20 cm

Wymiary warstwy: 120/80/26 cm

Wymiary palety z podaną wysokością łącznie z nośnikiem: 145/80/120 

Okres przydatności do spożycia:

Kod CN butelki/puszki: 22030009

Kod CN kartonu: 

Kod CN warstwy: 

Kod CN palety: 

Rodzaj palety transportowej: EPN

Tag dostępności: 

Link do renderu kartonu: test


woda; słody: jęczmienne: pilzneński, Carapils®, słód pszeniczny; słód owsiany; maltodekstryna; chmiele: do kotła: Columbus, na whirlpool: YCH 303, Mosaic®, Idaho 7® Cryo Hops®; na zimno do tanku: Citra®, Mosaic®, Simcoe® Cryo Hops®; drożdże: Verdant IPA / Contains the allergen: malted barley, malted wheat, malted oats


This beer was brewed in PINTA Brewery in Wieprz.

Production process

Beer is pasteurized and unfiltered.

Latest batch


Available packaging

Available in 500 ml bottles / kegs / petainer.

Recommended places

– Gorączka Złota
A cult location on the map of craft beer in Warsaw, this is where Atak Chmiel first made its name in the capital. Open since 1996, this pub will serve excellent local cuisine, a special selection of beer, and a unique atmosphere – so make sure you visit Wilcza 29!

– Hoppiness
The first venue to offer the beer-and-food pairing, Hoppiness is renowned for its tasty and varied cuisine, as well as its selection of beer and sizable garden surrounded by greenery and flowers.

– KEN54
Atmosphere, guests, format, decor, meetings, lectures, events, beer and food… Nothing is random here, because everything at KEN54 is… unique.

– Kufle i Kapsle
Located on Nowogrodzka Street, Kufle i Kapsle is a Warsaw multitap institution. A decade on the market, hundreds of events, 20 taps with rotating beer offerings, and the authentic atmosphere of an old tenement building make KiK timeless.

– PINTA Warszawa
PINTA’s only pub in Warszawa, this is where you’ll find 20 taps of the best craft beers PINTA has to offer, as well as cans and bottles from the PINTA brewery and its friends both in Poland and abroad. You can also choose from a wide selection of slow food-style dishes and starters.

– PIWOmaniaK
A Barrel House for PINTA Barrel Brewing, PIWOmaniaK has been declared the best on the Beer Map of Warsaw six times. A shop offering hundreds of craft beer brands in various styles every single day, it is now in its tenth year.

– Same Krafty
Two establishments in the heart of Warsaw’s Old Town, Same Krafty can be found between the Rynek Market Square and the Barbican. You’ll find Polish craft beer poured from 20 taps, with accompanying pizza and burgers.

– Warszawski Festiwal Piwa
Held twice a year in Spring and Autumn, the Warsaw Beer Festival is a showcase of Polish brewing – it’s where craft brewers show off their best work. It reall is an event you can’t miss!

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